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Sarkis Leather Belts

Sarkis Leather belts are genuine bridle leather which is one of the strongest pieces of leather available.  These belts are strong enough to be considered work belts but still look as nice as a dress belt.  The buckles are solid brass or antique brass.  The belts are available in 10oz or 13oz leather and 1½ inch or 1¼ inch.  If you are uncertain about the thickness, I can send samples.  I don’t have a big variety but they are the best.

Sarkis Belts

Sizing is important and I customize the fit. Measure in inches the distance from the buckle prong to the belt hole that you are now using. I will give you an additional two holes on both sides. Leave your size in the “Message” box on the order form. Feel free to call me at 707-980-6319 if I have totally confused you.

Price: $50

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Leather Weight :  

Belt Width :